April 2019    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Hurrell, William Henry   Maddison, Hannah   Dixon, Ralph   Maddison, Isabella   Ashcroft, Mary Ellen   Ramsay, Arthur William   Chipchase, Isabella   Shaw, Sarah Ann   Fearnley, George   Moss, Ann Ellen   Maddison, Edith   Maddison, John   Rutherford, Michael   Shaw, Florrie   Charlton, Alexander   Johnson, James Maddison Knox   Noble, Susannah Wilson   Watson, William Chambers   Watson, Isabella Lizzie   Watson, Margaret Hannah   Trueman, Robert C   Trueman, John Joseph   Mein, James   Trueman, William George   Trueman, Ernest   Mein, John George Walker   Mein, John   Ewart, Margaret   Ewart, William   Dunn, Margaret Ann   Ewart, Mary   Ewart, Frances   Jopling, Arthur   Noble, Emma Pine   Burton, Harold   Purves, Douglas   Mein, Elizabeth Christie Malco...   Mein, Mary Fraser   Harbottle, Agnes   Nicholson, Esther   Hamilton, Leah   Ord, Rebecca   Young, Annabella   Maddison, David   Maddison, Martin   Maddison, Ruth Wright   Maddison, Elizabeth Ann   Maddison, Jane   McGregor, Alexander   McGregor, Alexander   Maddison, Adam   Humphrey, Sarah Maddison   Hall, Elizabeth   Young, William Hall   Young, Elizabeth May   Young, Robina   Young, William   Young, Henrietta   Armstrong, Adam   Oliver, Elizabeth Mary Ann   Pendlebury, Maggie   Croston, Thomas   Dutton, Maggie   Knox, Mary Emma   Edmunds, James   Hughes, Mary   Darbyshire, Amelia   Austin, Mary   Knox, Martha Jane   Smith, Maria Nicholson   Massey, John   Massey, George Carr   Storey, Frances Elliott   Storey, Robert William   Errington, Thomas   Errington, Georgina   Errington, Elizabeth Linda   Ritson, Jane Isabella   Storey, George Blagburn   Storey, Ada   Storey, Sarah Jane   Massey, Frances   Arkless, Sarah   Hewitt, Gilbert   Whitehead, Agnes Mildred   Lawson, Gladys Eleanor   Hammond, John Samuel   Hammond, Thomas Percival   Wood, Jane   Owens, Doris   Wilson, Herbert   Crosby, Mary Ann   Patterson, Joseph Frederick   Leers, Morris   Heel, Charles   Maughan, Sarah   Maughan, Margaret Jane   Young, Martha Jane   Irvin, Robert William   Alker, Susannah   Alker, Beatrice   Cawthorne, James   Nuttall, Nora M   Wonders, Richard   Newton, William Thomas   Shaw, Mildred   Trueman, Elizabeth   Trueman, James Plews   Saxon, Ann   Collin, Robert Watson   Collin, Eleanor Mary   Hutchinson, Thomas Wilson   Storr, Harry   Dickinson, Albert Alexander   Moss, Fred   Shaw, Richard   Noble, James Wilson   Noble, Catherine   Wray, Joseph   Wray, George   Wray, Jane   Wonders, John   Clark, Alexander   Clark, Annabel   Clark, William Henry   Clark, Robert Alexander   Darbyshire, Horace   Taberner, Sandra M   Richardson, Mary Ann   Reay, Isabella Margaret   Daw, Frank Henry Douglas   Finlay, Frances   Finlay, William Henry Sanders   Finlay, Walter R L   Howe, Jane   Wilson, Priscilla   Finlay, Michael   Finlay, Frances   Finlay, Ena   Burrell, Alfred E   Burrell, John Robert   Barrass, George   Barrass, James   Barrass, Henry   Barrass, Blanche   Barrass, Alma James   Peacock, Benjamin   Walker, William Henry   Walker, John Thomas   Walker, James   Walker, Elizabeth W   Walker, Mary A   Shaw, Hezekiah   Stokoe, Emily Mary   Stokoe, William Aynsley   McQueen, Alexander   Barclay, Lawrence Tullock   Barclay, Elizabeth   Barclay, Frances   Barclay, Algatha Percy   Hayes, Flora Mary   McQueen, Ellen Alice   Riddle, Barbara   Nicholson, Joseph   Dixon, Ralph   Knox, Thomas   Moss, James   Parr, Jane   Hughes, Horace   Knox, Thomas   Knox, Esther   Adamson, Ruth   Fearnley, George   Lancaster, William   Maddison, Margaret Ellen   Noble, William   Noble, Richard   Trueman, William   Wise, Gerald   Trueman, Jane Isabella   Ainscough, Jane   Huntley, Sarah Shield   Maddison, Isabella   Gallon, Mary Annie   Napier, Frances   Hardacre, Elizabeth   Turnbull, David   Dillon, Margaret Ann   Hankinson, Dilys Elizabeth   Taberner, Sarah   Hitchen, John   Mather, Annie Roberts   Parkinson, Samuel   Beamson, Mary   Charlton, Helen   Charlton, Vera   Cowell, George   Massey, Edward   Storey, Matthew   Storey, Robert William   Taberner, Ellen   Ord, Norman   Hammond, Thomas   Dance, Elizabeth   Chapman, William Hedley   Massey, Alice Forster   Irvin, Margaret Annabella   Maddison, Jane Ann   Hardwick, Gertrude   Crowe, David   Duane, Thomas Henry   Shaw, Janie   Trueman, Margaret Ellen   Stewart, Elizabeth Ann   Fearnley, George   Hemmings, Alan   Burns, Ellen   Wonders, James   Bland, Catherine Swales   Maugham, Aaron   Maugham, Thomas   Darbyshire, Horace   Finlay, Michael   Shanks, John Thomas   Maugham, Margaret Ann   Morris, Thomas Wilcock   Barclay, John Liddell   Bickerstaff, David A   Tweedy, Ernest Greaves   Davies, Gladys T   Todd, John Aubrey   Maddison, Esther   Matthews, Anderson Frank   Hurrell, William Henry / Ewart...   Knox, James / Maddison, Mary A...   Maddison, John / Usher, Mary   Maddison, John / Eltringham, T...   Kidd, Robert Henry / Bryant, V...   Moss, Thomas / Barlow, Jane   Hemmings, Robert Hunter / Nisb...   Knox, Charles / Savage, Eleano...   Shaw, John / Mackdonald, Mary   Moss, William / Higginson, Eli...   Hope, James / Winship, Elizabe...   Patterson, Lewis / Whitney, Ma...   Patterson, Edward James / Robi...   Turnbull, David / Ewart, Mary   Ewart, James / Ager, Louisa Ja...   Ewart, Samuel / Hollings, Lili...   Wallace, Robert John / Mulline...   Douglas, George / Wilson, Rosi...   Hocking, Frederick William / P...   Burton, Harold / Anderson, Gra...   Coates, Robert / Glendenning, ...   Richardson, John T / Gallon, M...   Young, William Hall / Mather, ...   Chorley, William / Parr, Laura   Storey, Benjamin / Massey, Ell...   Massey, James / Rose, Jane   Wallace, Samuel / George, Edit...   Hannant, William / Dance, Eliz...   Cummings, Robert John Young / ...   Hitcham, Frederick Charles / C...   Clark, Thomas Squire / Copelan...   Stokoe, Michael Welsh / Barras...   Elliott, William / Ewart, Lili...   Clark, Alexander / McEninely, ...   Bendelow, John / Collett, Rose...   Dobinson, John William / Barlo...   Blackburn, George Elliott / Ey...   Barclay, George / Skillings, A...   Barclay, John / Wright, Elizab...   Selkirk, William / Ford, Hanna...   Box, John Thomas / Selkirk, El...  
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