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51 1939 Register Incapacitated Dance, John George (I2240)
52 1939 Register is listed as Single and living with Parents Colman, James Leonard (I1718)
53 1939 Register: Jack Storey 07/04/1920 Gateshead, Durham - Mothers Surname - Storey Storey, James Maxwell (I2100)
54 1939 Register:-listed as James Prescott Prescott, William (I627)
55 2. E. 2. Roberts, Thomas Leslie (I991)
56 2007 Hunter, Marlene Margaret (I1196)
57 2nd Son of Ann Ashurst Ashurst, Jonathan (I1576)
58 46. A. 23. Clark, Clement (I6717)
59 Aaron Gresty and Aaron Maugham could be the same person.

Aaron Gresty married a Margaret Ashcroft in Jan-Mar 1873 qtr in Wigan, but there are no census records after 1871 for him, and there are no birth or death records of Aaron Gresty.
The 1871 Census shows that Aaron Gresty was also born in Oldham.

Aaron Maugham has only the 1891 Census but does have birth and death records. 
Maugham, Aaron (I4034)
60 Adopted Son Anderton, James (I1979)
61 AKA - Christopher James Knox Knox, James (I312)
62 aka Helen Morton Morton, Helen (Ellen) (I397)
63 aka Martha McCammon Cameron, Martha (I98)
64 AKA: Annie Nicholson, Ann (I54)
65 AKA: Beatrice Cawthorne Massey, Beatrice Annie (I2834)
66 AKA: Helen Breslin, Ellen (I3158)
67 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2300)
68 also 12 May 1834 Doddington Northumberland Family F526
69 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5149)
70 B2. D. 25. Douglas, Robert (I3716)
71 Back Tenter
Stands at the back of weaving looms taking hold of cloth as it  passes between the rollers, checking that the cloth has no creases. 
Shaw, Mary (I598)
72 Banns as: Ann Farrimond
Marriage as: Ann Farriman 
Farrimond, Ann (I2602)
73 Bapaume Post Military Cemetery is located about 2 kilometres north-east of the town of Albert is in the Department of the Somme, on the right-hand side of the main road (D929) to Bapaume.

Bapaume Post Military Cemetery lies on the west side of "Tara Hill," and south-west of "Usna Hill," and at times it was called by those names. In June 1916, the front line crossed the Bapaume road between the site of this cemetery and the village of La Boisselle. The attack on La Boisselle on 1 July was not successful, and several days passed before the village was taken. The cemetery was begun almost at once by the divisions engaged in this sector and 152 graves in Plot I, Rows B to I, were made before the end of January 1917, when the cemetery was closed. On 26 March 1918, the cemetery, with the town of Albert, fell into German hands, but it was recovered towards the end of August.

After the Armistice, graves from the battlefields east and west of the cemetery were brought in, including many of the 34th (Tyneside) Division, which attacked along the Bapaume road on 1 July 1916, and some of the 38th (Welsh) Division, which recaptured Usna Hill on 23 August 1918. The cemetery now contains 410 burials and commemorations of the First World War. 181 of the burials are unidentified, but there are special memorials to three casualties believed to be buried among them. The cemetery was designed by Charles Holden. 
Conn, George (I1611)
74 Baptised and Married as Thomas Ascroft

1871 Census shows 2 Grandchildren - William H Ashcroft b1869 and Margaret Ashcroft b1870 
Ascroft, Thomas (I31)
75 Baptised as Martha Alice Moore
Married as Martha Alice Johnson 
Moore, Martha Alice (I1343)
76 Baptised as William Mean Mein, William (I109)
77 Baptism Record shows Birth Date as 24 Aug 1923
Death Record shows Birth Date as 27 Aug 1923 
Hitchen, John (I1618)
78 Baptism:- Mother is listed as Mary Painter, Rachel Ann (I1977)
79 Barbara Kathleen Vera Woodhouse (née Blackburn; 9 May 1910 Rathfarnham, Ireland – 9 July 1988, Buckinghamshire, England[1]) was a dog trainer, author, horse trainer and television personality. Her 1980 television series Training Dogs the Woodhouse Way made her a household name in the UK. Among her catch-phrases were "walkies" and "sit!", the latter parodied in the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy. She was also known for her "no bad dogs" philosophy.[2]

Barbara Blackburn was born 9 May 1910 in St Columba's College in Rathfarnham, County Dublin, Ireland, to an Irish family. She grew up there until her father, the Warden (headmaster) of the school, died suddenly in 1919. As described in her autobiography, the family moved to Brighton a few weeks later, and afterwards to Headington in Oxford, where Woodhouse attended Headington School. She was later the only female student at the Harper Adams Agricultural College in Shropshire.
After returning to Oxford to start Headington Riding School and Boarding Kennels, she married her first husband, Allan George Hill, in August 1934 and moved with him to spend more than three years in Argentina training horses. The marriage ended in divorce and she returned to Headington.
In the 1930s, Barbara became a dog breeder and ran kennels until about 1960. She first appeared on television as a contestant on What's My Line, where panelists failed to identify her occupation. She also appeared on CBS 60 Minutes. Her 1980 BBC series made her into a television personality at the age of 70, and she appeared regularly on British TV up until her death in 1988.
She married Dr Michael Woodhouse in 1940 and moved to Wiltshire. They had three children, Pamela, Patrick and Judith. She died on 9 July 1988 after a stroke, aged 78.
Her many books included her autobiography, Talking to Animals, and No Bad Dogs. 
Blackburn, Barbara Kathleen Vera (I5902)
80 Birth Certificate - lists her as daughter of Mary - Surname spelt as Ockleshaw - Father not named
1851 Census - listed as Margaret Cokleshaw - Bast - living with Jane Shaw - William’s Mother
1861 Census - listed as Bros daughter - William is the Brother of Ellen Shaw who married Thomas Darbyshire.
Marriage Record lists her Father as William Shaw 
Occleshaw, Margaret (I644)
81 Birth not found Clark, Mary (I3876)
82 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I7082)
83 Birth Record - Elizabeth Beddingfield
Baptism Record - Eliz'Th Bedingfield 
Beddingfield, Elizabeth (I1374)
84 Birth record : Jane
Marriage record : Jeanie 
Graham, Jane (I2189)
85 Birth record as Agnes Annie Lowrie
Married as Annie Lawrie 
Lawrie, Agnes Annie (I3127)
86 Birth Record: Auguste Amalie Hoffman
Baptism Record: Augusta Emilie Hoffman
Death Record: Amalia A Wilson 
Hoffman, Auguste Amalie (I1017)
87 Birth Record: Samuel Johnson Shaw
Baptised as Samuel Shaw
Census as Samuel Johnson
Death as Samuel S. Johnson 
Shaw, Samuel Johnson (I1575)
88 Birth recorded as Alfred Maddison Hornsby
Married and Died as Alfred Maddison 
Hornsby, Alfred Maddison (I6908)
89 Birth recorded as Isabel Hope
Baptism as Isabella Hope 
Hope, Isabella (I1204)
90 Birth Recorded as Mary Alice Shaw
Baptised as Mary Alice Rudd
Married as Mary Alice Shaw Rudd 
Rudd, Mary Alice Shaw (I2886)
91 Birth recorded as Nancy Graham Graham, Agnes Berry (I2169)
92 Birth Records as Margaret Hankinson
Baptism as Maggie Hankinson 
Hankinson, Maggie (I1641)
93 Birth Reg as Jane Ellen Shepherd Shepherd, Jane Helen (I1819)
94 Birth registered as Harriet Mabel Bryant Bryant, Mabel Harriet (I5231)
95 Birth Registered as Maggie
Death Registered as Margaret 
Todd, Maggie Mein (I96)
96 Body not recovered for burial Lyal, Robert Hume (I5835)
97 Born and Baptised as Robert Brown Mean Mein, Robert Brown (I102)
98 Born and Died as Elizabeth but married as isabella Davidson, Elizabeth (I1495)
99 Born as Ela Maude Cross
Married as Eta Maud Cross 
Cross, Ela Maude (I2597)
100 Born as Ernest Whitmore
Married as Calvin Ernest Henry Nightingale
Died as Ernest Nightingale 
Whitmore, Ernest Henry (I4281)

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